A night away from the pollution of light

Daily Life in Longhouse

Addition from Kudat tour, which typically includes a night's stay in longhouse and sight-seeing in Simpang Mengayau.

After the Rungus Longhouse in village of Bavanggazo started their homestay program, the aboriginal family that operate this longhouse, which is of the KadazanDusun descend, have been weaving beads, waiting for tourists inside this longhouse.

Great experiencing life in the countryside where there is no television, limited electricity, literally no entertainment. Back to the basic?


We were playing lame games here. Never know lame games could be so useful in bringing fun to people. Perhaps we were too bored.


Nice and comfy bed. No mosquitoes in the night and cool breeze could be felt occasionally. Therefore, despite the hot weather, it was comfortable. We woke up the next morning to the cock's crow. Truly the lifestyle in kampung.

The stay plus a dinner and breakfast only cost us RM 35 per pax. Bargain with them. Oh, and performance too. Dance to the rhythm of bamboo sticks and the children's humming, dance with the elders with the gongs, nosepipe(?).

The night sky is never that beautiful in the city.


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