Blue Skies in Kota Kinabalu

Can't wait to blog about Kota Kinabalu first, not following chronological order. I think photos taken on this day are one of the most colourful and interesting photos throughout the trip. Just look at the BLUE sky of Sabah, why I can't see such sky in Western Malaysia?

Sabah flag is one of the most interesting flags I have ever seen. Sabahans are so proud of Mount Kinabalu!

It was the sixth day, and Marcus and ML already back from Seremban to Kota Kinabalu. This day we (Marcus, ML, Marcus Tan and Ah Yen) set out to the early market, which they call Pasar Tani at the center of Kota Kinabalu town. We took bus out, and interesting buses they have! Air-con-less, metal seats(that vibrate really hard and "hypnotizing"), brought me back to the good old days of 10+ years old, where our only mean of transport was by bus.

After having Brunch(LAKSA!), Marcus (FOO) went to buy present and left us with the rest of the UMS students. The sea beckoned me to go near when we were wandering around KK city. So many shutter chances popped out!

Filipino market without Filipinos. The huts looked so beautiful and colourful under the Blue sky. Can buy a lot souvenirs inside but I bought nothing. Ha ha.

Can't stop admiring the blue sky of Sabah.

Coconut juice here are cheap as well. Under such sun, isn't having a good cup of cool coconut juice, hiding under the shade, beats everything?

The trip ends when Marcus joined us at the Filipino Market and we took bus back to Kingfisher Phase 2.

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