First ever 'a bit serious' photo session


effy and her laughter

It was Saturday. People crowding over to Jusco, "I don't understand why how this small shopping center, ironically also Seremban's biggest shopping complex, can fit in the whole population of Serembanese." Remarks from MK, whose complain is as humourous as ever.

Well, we were supposed to meet up on Thursday, delayed to Friday, and further delayed to Saturday.

After our 'yam cha' session and updating each other of recent activities, MK finally granted me a chance to shoot her lack-of-confidence-not-photogenic-me. Along with FV and Jess. I had a feeling that I dragged them along when they wanted to go home. We had a fun session, I bet those people who were also there playing kites, were wondering what a pervert with camera is doing there.

Can't wait to upload some of the pictures... Have to tell myself that although there are only about 1 out of 5 pictures which I myself think is good, it's already "Not Bad". Oh apologize to Jess and FV if they happen to pay a visit here, I have not really gone through every picture yet.

Although this set of photos is just another ordinary-anyone-can-take picture, I am willing to take up the true criticizes and comments. Thanks EU for the comments and I will keep that in mind and be more serious and careful next time.


square or not

the poser


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