Escapist. Recover soon, sis.

Spinning Flower

Feel so irresponsible for running away from responsibilities.

First few days at home, the thought of photography, surfaced on my mind. Due to lack of encouragement, I almost thought that it was just another 5 minutes heat and felt like escaping from photography. My sis, who had earlier agree to be my model, fell to a few days of high fever. Hopefully she will recover soon. Been sleeping inside room with fever, must be very hard. YZ told me to put wet towel on her forehead, but I am not used to those thigns... Next time lah.

Want to retreat from almost everything.

I decided, to take some action before those things happen. Grabbed my camera, went outside the house and GI CAK, snap you flowers!

Well, the feeling of self satisfaction, after having nice photos inside the camera, wow, it was great.

Ixora of Blossom Heights


Spinning Flower 2


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