Hiking: Kranji

Kranji 04

Continuing the KTM railway series from 2 years ago with YN. Things have been changing so quickly in Singapore, the tracks have been removed as compared to two years ago, and Nature is reclaiming the old rail track slowly. Walking along the once-a-railway-track path feel so good that I sincerely hope the Singapore government will not do development project on these beautiful trails.

The walk into the trail needs only a little bit of adventurous spirit. It was not straight forward, not labelled. We first found this place by tracing along the MRT track, but because I passed by the abandoned raised overhead bridge every morning from Yew Tee to Kranji.

Kranji 01

Posing with the XZ1 that I almost put up into forum to sell it away. I was armed with X100, loaned from my friend Wanting.

Kranji 02

Kranji 03

Blessed with a morning without raining and bright sunlight, the light was soft, the air was cool. I did not even sweat much after walking for about an hour.

Along the trail, this "Horse Grass" form some kind of wall which create an interesting scenery.

Kranji 06

Two kittens ran out of nowhere, the first thing they did, meow and melt our hearts. They played with us, for quite some time and followed us until we reached a road. Fortunately, they did not follow us anymore as the road was kind of busy.

Kranji: Kittens

The X100 performed well and the images are good and sharp, at f/2. Although it is a bit late for me to realise the goodness of this camera but better late or never! It's a beast, and I feel even more itchy to buy a X100S now, or X-E1?

The first time we were able to finally complete the old railway track from Kranji to Choa Chu Kang area.


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