Penang: Flashback the Straits Chinese charms

An Everyday view

Temple of Goddess of Mercy

Walking around George Town of Penang, the once British Colonial town filled with the so called Straits Chinese, I could smell the incense of the Kwan Yin temple, with the ashes blown into my eyes by the sea breeze, we wandered into a quiet shrine in a city bustling with traffic, and bumped into Chai Diam Ma but got turned away as they were already closing but kind enough to let us went in and take some pictures.

Chai Diam Ma

Chai Diam Ma

The Peranakan or Baba Nyonya mansion, is impressive. I am glad that it is open up to the public for us to appreciate the fusion between Chinese and local culture, that made us so unique. Furnitures were glittering, sunlight poured in on the floor and illuminate the interior of the house with such soft quality of light. Even better, Aunt Annie, a Straits Chinese was inside and came to talked to us, even offered to take picture together with us. Glad that we got to talk to such a lovely old lady. I heard that she acted in one of Ah Niu's movies.

Aunt Annie and us

Aunt Annie


My aunt was so kind that she brought us to everywhere we requested and insisted to pay for every meal there. Even though she was not a Penangite, but now she kinda blended in, speaks like a Penangite, and prayed like a Penangite as well.

Blessing from a Monk


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