My little Pebble

#pebble traveling in the mountain water

Let me look geeky. I love my Pebble watch! The investment worths every cent and the long wait since May 2012.

When it arrived in early April of 2013, in style:

My #pebble is too big for my skinny wrist. ;(

The Pebble grew stronger as days pass by, with updates coming from the team every 2 to 3 weeks as promised. From a few built-in watch faces to endless possibilities, thanks to the community users that are actively developing them. I felt the pain of not being able to do much when I first received the Pebble, but with an update that came one or two weeks later, wow, satisfaction.

Hundreds, thousands of faces available here. I can even design my own faces, if I want to learn. Haha.

Just discovered more about #pebble I thought I should build my own watch faces

Of course, one of the reasons why I chose to back Pebble in Kickstarter, is the ability to support Runkeeper! However, it did not come until recently, and I see there are still many improvements that can be done. Now I can look at my pace, without having to fish out my phone and unlock the screen!

#pebble married #runkeeper !

I had even tried swimming with Pebble. No problem! The spec says it can dive up to 5 atm, so swimming pool depth has no problem at all.

Till now, I am still bathed in the ecstasy of Pebble watch.

Next task, hunt for a good wrist strap replacement!


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