Hey Chinese New Year 2013


2 years, I hadn't been back to the my grandparents' place, the place where dad grew up in. How time flies, so many things happened and so many things have changed but I felt like I went back just few months ago.

Looking back at the photo archives of 2012, indeed, there are so many missing pieces of memory I have yet to fill up into this blog. And, I haven't been shooting that much already. Work life really deviates my past interest.

Two years ago, I shot in iPhone 4 and also films on my Olympus OM1 in black and white. Too bad I haven't got a chance even now to scan the prints. There are pictures that I really love. This year, I shot mainly with my iPhone 5 and Olympus mju 2. I wont' know when I will go and develop that roll of film yet. It's such a hassle to shoot film these days even though I love the tone. How I wish I can have my own film scanner.

As usual, CNY is about reunions and a bit of firework!


The reflection.

Huge dragon stick

Dragon pillars

Palm oil shades, rubber trees, lime farm

Water snake weather

Cow herds and cow dungs

Running in the countryside. FUN!

Tiger's CNY

Photography taught me how to appreciate little things in life. Instead of getting myself confined and bored in the estate, I stepped out of the house, to run, to cycle, to walk cute poodle in the countryside. Yea, I could gone missing from the house for few hours then reappeared!


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