Inamuragasaki's Sunset

glittering beach

As the sun was slowly setting, I rushed to the shore of Inamuragasaki(稲村ケ崎)to catch the legendary sunset of Shōnan.

The sun went down slowly into the horizon, golden lights poured over the Enoshima island(江ノ島)and all over the city of Kamakura. Sea breeze carried the water droplets with golden sparkles and cooled the warm streets.

A little girl was strolling on the black sandy beach along with her father. The girl screamed happily as the waves came hitting on the shore and splashed water onto her feet. Kicking the sand, the little girl skipped and hopped in the yellow mist. Blissful.

little girl by the sea

golden sand

Bikini surfers were cycling past me, on their way back from their sun-tanning holiday I supposed.

bikini surfers

Ah, summer...


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