Fika with the Sun: Fried Carrot Cake with Soya Pulps

We have actually started a new blog, me and Yanni.

The inception of the blog came from a peaceful afternoon. Soft breeze was blowing through the windows.
Yanni was preparing inside kitchen, and I was photographing the food, trying to make her food look good. Window lights are the best light in the world, I love photographing stuffs beside a window, especially a BIG one. The idea struck me while we were enjoying the meal beside the windows: why not marry the idea of photography + her love of food + our love for writings ?

Welcome to the new blog: Fika with the Sun.

Our first new post features our idea of recipe sharing + writings. They are in Chinese but I will also write an English version here.

Fried Carrot cake - ingredients

Fried Carrot Cake

This is a dish Yanni the big chef thought of on the spot using materials available:
- a not so crispy carrot cake from the hawker,
- soya bean remaining / the pulps from making soya milk,
- some scallion or commonly known as spring onion,
- eggs obviously.

The rest should be easy to guess.


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