Balik Kampung: Savouring Every Moment Outside the City

It was that time of the year again! Our family's most important festival, the Chinese New Year!

the house in the middle of palm oil trees
Grand parents' house surrounded by palm oil trees. Used to be rubber trees but due to the transition of time... Everything changes.

We took more and more photos as compared to previous years. Good. We valued the memories and things around the Kampung more and more. More family photos, now I can start to plan for a photobook of our family. Yeah, possible, I still have 2 unused photobook vouchers... For better management, I decided to post only pictures with details that we tend to overlook in this post.

Such as the paddy field...

Paddy Field

We finally stopped by the paddy field that we passed by every time when we go back to the Kampung, after few years of making the request to dad. Albeit the short time, we all took out each other's phone and snapped a lot of photos.

The next morning, Nian 30, as usual, I woke early and the sun and the clouds there always welcome me with beautiful light, so I went out to seek for the beautiful details...

The morning dews.

Morning Dews

The newer house and the old zinc-roofed hut and the bougainvillea.


The organic vegetable, my grandma always can plant big fat vegetables.


and a bug on the vegetable to prove that no insecticide was used!

Organic + a Bug

The old power switches in the old wooden house.

Old Stained Wall

Finally, the bridge 5 min drive from the house that I don't feel bored going again and again every year.


Learn to appreciate every little details. That's the thing I learn from photography.

All photos were taken using iPhone 4. Post Processed using Camera+ / Photo FX.


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