Iceland: Black Sands

Part of Travelogues of Iceland - the fourth day. Weather: Precipitation in the morning, drizzles.

Approaching Storm

Vík í Mýrdal, the village of Vík.

Waking up inside the dream-like Vellir guest house, which we had it to ourselves, we felt so reluctant to leave this lovely hut. As winter only has very short day time, we finished up our groceries by having a full and filling breakfast. It was almost 9am, and the light we longed for was still absent. We didn't feel like leaving this lovely hut. why we can only get to stay here for 2 nights? Why we were not there in the summer!? As a photographer, the winter was a great challenge in taking good photos.


Drizzling morning, not a good sign. Our rented car, was frozen... =.=


We hadn't got enough time, we had to move on. We went to return our keys, and set off for the Black Beach. The Black Beach, another remarkable landscape exclusive to Iceland, I believe.


While on our way there, finally we saw the legendary Icelandic horses, almost immobile and making minimum motion. There was no picturesque scenery like what I saw in the pictures, horses running amidst the green green field with emerald mountains in the background. Still, one of my wishes granted! I couldn't resist the temptation to stop and went forward to caress them, and the horses were welcoming our gestures.

Icelandic Horses, Winter

Did they feel cold in this open air? I didn't see them trembling.

Do they feel cold?

Moving on to our spotlight of the day, the Black sands, along with roaring sea. Wild and stormy. Wind blades were slicing our faces when we opened the door of our car. But we were excited, Iceland had not stopped giving us surprises.

The Cliff

Even stop anywhere in the middle of the road, was sceneries that could leave us gasping for breaths, how Iceland had been so artistically crafted by the hands of Nature!

We reached the destination finally... and we were the only car there. No other tourist, not even local. Well, I know Iceland has a very low population density.

Flying Birds

We thought there wouldn't be any life here except us. The calls of the birds reminded us that we were not really alone.

Then the roaring sea... and the wind so strong, that we might be blown away like kites.

Roaring Waves

Roaring waves, encore

Camera lens getting misty as the drizzles hit on me. Had to RUN when the waves were coming in!!

Sun was at the Horizon, noon

People like us, from the countries of equator, will not be able to imagine that this was actually taken around noon...

Beach of Vik

Lone Rock

In the distant, Reynisdrangar, the trolls that were caught outside in the sea, the mythical seastacks stood there. (Behind BS's butt, haha)

Black Sands and Wind of Vik

We missed the sights of Dyrhólaey (rocks with a hole in middle). Actually I think I captured the photo of Dyrhólaey, but I didn't actually notice it.

Basalts cliffs which has really interesting patterns. I didn't see the one where we could climb up and take pictures, Hmm...

Basalt Cliffs


Then, we set out again to continue our journey, waving goodbyes to the sands, towards the city of Reykjavik.

Iceland Trio

to be continued.


大可 said…
How could the sun set at such early time? You're not going to tell me you went to Iceland during winter time, are you?...
Kanki said…
obviously i went during winter......
Anonymous said…
I like the photo before the pharagraph: "People like us..."

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