Waiting for our Train

The most satisfying MK's portrait photoshoot to date. Now we found her suitable style for photo taking, and we will definitely go towards this direction in the future.

Another buddy, Marcus, although he had always been telling people around him about his potential of a sunny-boy-gorgeous-smile and a self declared handsome, he did some great job as a first timer and an assistant. "Fan harder! Take that chair here!". Haha.


Well, this all-buddies photoshoot was so much fun. I let MK to have a taste of how an amateur photographer like me shoot, by changing the mounted Zuiko manual lens back to the Canon 50mm and let her have fun and at the same time satisfied my narcissism.

Marcus and me

And finally a group photo on tripod, obviously.

the Trio

Next time we will force the ever-busy Marcus to really concentrate on photoshoot and forbid him from having any other date after our event. I believe he will be more interested now to plan the next theme together with us.

A bit bored of the usual portrait-style pictures... Next time I want to do some more conceptual style of shooting! I know this is challenging but I also know that if the outcome is good, it would be much much satisfying than shooting only pretty objects. Perhaps the only problem is the lack of equipment, and suitable clothes.

Lying on the Rail

For the slideshow of the full set, please click on the picture below.

Most photos were taken using this combination except a few last shots by MK with the 50mm:
Camera: Canon EOS400D
Lens: Olympus Zuiko 28mm f/2


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