Turin by the Alps: Part 2

Can you see the ALPS?
It's really amazing that there is such a big city under the shadow of Alps.
This was a view from the top of Mole Antonelliana.

We continued exploring the streets, trying to take in every detail that we could, after all, this was my first, FIRST Italian city! And Italy was nothing like what I had seen before in Germany, or Sweden, or Central Europe!

Empty streets of Turin. The people threw curious glances at us very frequently. Thank you Navan, for choosing Turin, I really love this place.

Learning outdoor... wow. I can see math equations which I dun feel like going to understand them at all.

Nutella nutella, and so many giant size nutellas!

Police? Not very sure.

We walked, and walked, and... TADA...

Mole Antonelliana:

A very 'out-of-the-place' structure in this city of Turin. Stands out so much among other buildings that it screamed, "Come and EXPLORE me!"

So as the landmark and icon of Turin, how could we miss? We wanted to go up to 160m high, and enjoy the view of Alps... So we paid, for a package price of entrance to the museum and upppp the elevator that simulated the experience of going into another dimension.

Mole Antonelliana has housed the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, the National Museum of Film. This museum was definitely very worth visiting... Fun and interesting!

Exam... exam...


marcusfootk said…
after seeing ur post about the ALPS only i know what is the meaning of mont blanc!!ur blog really not bad, i get to know quite many thing through ur blog!!hope i ll have a chance to visit those places myself!!

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