Pang sisters in Singapore, Episode 2

2nd time, in the same year. Although just a short weekend, this time we went to tourist attractions that they missed the last time. Oh shit, I shouldn't had suggested East Coast Park!

Bobo aka Junny aka Jun Hui, so many nicks... She went through so much troubles to help me get my new(old) Zuiko 28mm f2 lens back from Japan, such as, went to bank in money for her mentor in the rain, on a bicycle. Well, of course with a treat to thank her (and her sisters... T_T).

Clarke Quay, Chinatown, Orchard, so many touristic places that they had never been to the last time.

Picture above was taken by Bobo aka Junny aka Jun Hui in Chinatown. Talented. Ailin rushed back to office for work, oh so damn busy her job. Pity.

We finished the last few instax films inside Ivy's instax 200 after such a long time.

Finally, not forgetting to wish Pandalin... a very happy birthday!

Update: I got the film!!! My first ever slide film! Can't wait to get it scanned!


momo said…
you didn't go to East Coast Park with us!
i will upload the fun photos we had taken there later :p
Kanki said…
shit i really regret now lor...
i should have joined u! damn.
faster show the photos.

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