This Chinese New Year

No reds... but blue skies.

Half a year, I never set foot into the land of Malaysia, where I was born and raised. I think a few years ago, I could never imagine I would leave Seremban and flowed into another phase of my life. Yea, adulthood.

My parents, who sacrificed so much so much, for me, for my sis, for my brothers. I love them. I felt like hugging them, but I halted, I blame our culture, and I am going to let them feel closer to me the next time I see them.

This Chinese New Year, I went back to Sitiawan, or more precisely, a small place beside Sitiawan, Ayer Tawar. We did that every Chinese New Year. My dad's family bond is very strong. No one felt reluctant for that long journey back, I look forward to the family reunion dinner, the beach, the monkeys, the kampung calmness, and they look forward to... I don't know.

This Chinese New Year, short break, but in some ways, I like it.
See you next year.
My aunt said that to me, I did not know how to respond but smiled.

Happy Chinese New Year. Am I homesick?


W! Is that Setiawan? So beautiful. Seriously, you can take the best of Malaysia's.
marcusfootk said…
long time dint update blog woh.....taken all nice scenery of singapore??

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