Far North: Northern Lights in Abisko

1400km north of Stockholm, 17 hours train ride, I was anxious, but nonetheless felt excited about the coming body freezing experience. Where we got the negative of our equator temperature, meaning we have a negative sign, for instance, -24 deg C...

Layers and layers of winter clothing... just to prevent us dying in the cold.

What we saw there? What was it that we were dying to see? I never realize the phenomenon is actually one of Nature's Seven Wonders! Dancers in the northern night sky, but the one we saw was rather calm...

It's entirely up to your luck, whether the dancers in the dark are in the good mood to show you the wonder.

Another memorable experience, getting lost in national park? In this kinda temperature? To add salt to the wound, the sun set at 2.30pm here in the north. BS and me just lost the sight of the sign that should guide us back, and using only my phone's torch light to lit the footprints which was hardly visible in the snow. No sign of life at all was around us in the wilderness, not in this frozen forest...

Battery was running out soon, the torch would die out, and the light would fade away soon. Where were the others? Did they inform the turistation that we could not make it back? I thought it was impossible for us, to get lost here. My heart started to beat faster, using the dim torch, following the trails of ski or snow mobile, believing that they must lead us to the main trail. Soon I heard voice, calling my name, but no, it wasn't BS, it was surreal. Never mind and I got no mood to be bothered by it.

About 5 minutes later, we saw sources of light from 200m away. Promptly, I waved my last bit of handphone torch, but I forgot how to use SOS. 2 Spanish came to our rescue, so that we wouldn't have to starve inside the forest, wouldn't have to freeze, and wouldn't have to die.

Thank god we found you guys!!!


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