Film Snapped

Nikon and Canon

Ouch, I still cannot forget my love for Nikon... Haih...
Really wish I can have one Nikon FM3A... or any of these cameras, manual cameras are just simply so cool!

Bad Luck!
I snapped the film when I was trying to rewind it after finish my first ever roll of films! Bad Omen?!?
The guy in School of ART helped me to save the remaining film.
The first time I entered a dark room, I felt how it was like in a space with total darkness. I cannot tell the difference of opening and closing my eyes. Pitch black. I wondered how that guy work without seeing anything.
My film is then placed inside this dark canister to avoid over-exposing it.
My process: 49/72.

Snapped Film

Nikon FM3A Nikon FM3A


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