Sulu and South China Sea rushed to meet us here

Posers by the Sea

Here at the very tip of Sabah, the divine wind was blowing, and we were happy to pose a little bit for pictures. Perfect for a band picture here, too bad we wore sloppy clothes.

How can I forget to mention Marcus here? Who was the driver, driving us all the way 180km to the north from Kota Kinabalu, sacrificing the chance to look at the scenery that we passed by. We did not know the way to Kudat, but thanks to Munyung that gave us very clear instruction how to reach this place.


This was actually a typical trip offered by the Sabah Tourism Agency, which included a night of home stay in Long House. The difference is, we rented our own car and went without guide, and of course, the price is much much cheaper.

More group photos, don't you think that Tip of Borneo or Simpang Mengayau is so beautiful? This place left a really deep impression. A must-go, I would say, although it is not very accessible by public transport.



The sky underwent a dramatic change in colour, when the sun was setting into horizon. As if the scenery in front of me was a painting popped out from pictures of the age of Renaissance(I thought those sky only appear in paintings). It was the painters, that had skillfully recreate the sky using their brushes and colours.

colours of sunset


A broken Malaysian flag was spotted. An omen, time for a new change?


And a rather abstract picture of the rock we used to climbed down from the sign that said "Danger, do not proceed any further" but we turned our deaf ears to it.


Here's a short introduction of the Tip of Borneo, or Simpang Mengayau. It's about 180km to the north from Kota Kinabalu. It's where the Sulu Sea and the South China Sea meet. According to Wikipedia, this place was where the ancient leaders held meeting, and perhaps that was why this area was heavily infested with pirates in the older days. Eventually as time pass and civilization advances, it was rediscovered again and became a tourist's spot.

*Side step a bit, 陳綺貞 or Cheer's new single, 失敗者的飛翔 is here! Can't wait to put my hand on her single but will only have to wait and listen to MP3.


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