Casually Pelly

Finally the photoshoot sessions are starting to materialize after much discussion and talks about it.

Drum roll to introduce our sacrifice of the day, Pelly Wong! (I used home-grown-rambutans to bribe her.)



We drove around Rasah Jaya, and around S3, it's hard to find a decent place for photoshoot really. Port Dickson? Oh it's too far but worth the journey if we really have a nice theme.


Mistakes: No make-up, no proper planning of theme and places, still not good in reflectors + flash, composition not interesting enough.

And our props, the dried branches were also picked up from the ground. Really sorry Pelly, you will still need to be our experiment subject, ha ha ha.

Ai Lin

My shooting partner, Miss Ailin. We took turn in playing the role of photographer and assistant. Still a long way of learning, but 'jiayou' to each of us. Thanks for the flash and reflectors, future props and also some simple lesson on photoshop!

Next victim: Pelly or MK.
Next next victim: Olivia.

Hopefully all the preys will not run away.

Learning material:
Portraits Quick Tips
Flash Photography Techniques


Oh, it's my sis's 19th birthday today! Happy birthday!


thai yin said…
marcusfootk said…
next victim:pelly or mk
next next victim :olivia
next next next victim:marcus foo
u owe me a photoshoot sessions....told u dun have to shoot mk coz its difficult for u to find a perfect angle..unlike me,every angle is perfect angle....hahah
P@ndaLin said…
wah.. u post my photo1!! hahaha.. i also just uploaded mine.. look at the 1st shot.. i like it very much.. haha.. 1st click .. should crop half of my face.. dun show all leh..that angle so fat..some more didnt' make up... sob sob .. hahaha ...JIA YOU to both of us .. hehe
Kanki said…
thai yin, ur suggestion really pointless.. ha ha.

wah marcus if can find the time sure can be next x next x next victim of mine.
Ok, from now on u have to think of a theme lar! like how u want to shoot urself.

ailin, i still prefer my crop of your photo lor.
this weekend really need to jiayou and cannot shoot rubbish again!!!
reddishTea said…
i like ailin's portrait so much!!! damn pretty n got the attitude!

so small happy birthday to me =(

i wan a nice photoshoot session too!!!!! XD

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