Parting with Borneo

Under the setting sun, embrace the sea

There's a saying, "No party that will not dismiss in this world". And beautiful is the sunset, the night will still come, and we can only hope for a better dawn tomorrow.


2 great friends that sacrificed so much for us. Will not be able to see you guys until next year, but do keep in touch in MSN always!


And so, I left Sabah, stealing the beautiful memories with me.


marcusfootk said…
haih....when u go sweden hope we can webcam la....
sure we have chance to enjoy like what we did last few weeks.

if have chance alsi i ll go singapore visit u, hope its not an empty promise
take care always
Kanki said…
sure dude, long time didn't webcam already I almost forget about it!

might not be able to meet up so frequently like we used to, but luckily got internet ma!

best friend forever!

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