I was above the clouds, above everything of Borneo, and South East Asia

Day 2, Day 3 of the 9 days in Sabah. She welcomed me with deep blue sky.

Here on Earth
Spectacular view of Sabah from 4000 meters above sea levels. It really took my breath (thin layer of oxygen) away!

Not many people have the chance of going up here. And not many people are willing to dump their money and let themselves into a situation where you might get killed by cold, or the altitude of mountains. As quoted from our travel partner miss Archer, "it's really a waste of money to get myself into troubles of body aches and exhaustion!!". As for me, it's worth every cent of money! The achievement of being up there, cannot be described.

Dawn Break
Standing at, almost the top of the world, observing the world that I will descend into.

Familiar? Take out your RM1 note and compare! The South Peak!

I think the mountain was pulling my leg. Whenever the mist is clear, and it was the shutter chance, just as i pulled out my bulky camera from backpack, the Mountain guided the wind and pull the curtain of mist to prevent me from shooting nice crisp scenes...

All of us made it to the summit. No pleasing sunrise, and occasionally St. John's peak popped out from the mist.

St. John's peak which greeted us when we were disappointed from the absence of beautiful golden sunrise.

Flash back to the first day, which was disastrous, all 3 of us, the guys had stomachache on our way up. We were like clutching our stomach and bags, and rushed upward from one shelter to another shelter, just to let go of the 'wrong' stuffs we ate the previous day. A piece of advise: watch what you eat the day before you hike Mount KK...

After having our dinner, we forced ourselves to sleep at 7.30pm, so that we can have more energy for the next day. The lack of preparation for torch light got me worried before starting out to conquer the summit. In fact, my torch light died after about one hour walk from Laban Rata and I needed to depend on lights from other people to keep me going! Another 2 cents, prepare extra batteries and if possible use headlights than the hand carried torch light.

Let's have a breakdown of our expenses for just this Mount Kinabalu. Prices have hiked up by don't know how much %%%% since last year... Very early advance booking from Sutera Lodges for the accommodation is needed in order to secure a place to let you spend your night for the next morning (2am morning!) climb up the summit.

Accomodation is RM188, includes 4 meals (we missed the last meal at the Kinabalu park entrance though...). Thanks Marcus, Junseng and Munyung for helping us here. The power of NETWORK! wa ha ha.

Climbing permit + guide + transport to Timpohon Gate = RM 60++ (Pay on the spot at the park HQ)

Certificate = RM 10 (why do they even charge!?)

Transport = RM 6-70 per pax by taxi from Kota Kinabalu (I found out from a guy who came from Selangor about a mini bus from KK which costs only RM 15 one way... but luckily the difference in price for us is not much as we were traveling in group)

Siewhong has something to add, in his comment here.


marcusfootk said…
why u on;y posted your comment about mount kk??how about kudat and tanjung aru's nice food?hahah....anyway, we enjoy the moment too...
Kanki said…
oh... this post is about MOunt kk ma.
then next post about crocodile farm, or KK town.

I almost forgot about the seafood + tanjung aru!

Kudat so beautiful won't forget de!
ViNcenT said…
OMG....Siew Hong and Hin Fei look so ugly in the picture.
Siew Hong said…
At the 0.5 KM mark upwards , Archer said:

"I regret coming to Sabah"

Hinfai shrugged, then frantically searched for an ugly looking protective mask in his bag.

"Oh my gosh. I cant breathe with my nose.HOI san fu ahh"

He put on the mask before he could say anything more.

0.5 KM down the mount, Archer gave Hinfai a quick tutorial about walking very slowly and taking steps sideways (like a crab).

"You seeeeee.Walk like this ,leg not so pain one.You also use this wonderful technique la"

Hinfei quickly adapted to the crab movement technique. He held his walking-stick tightly with both hands , his mouth kept moaning.

"I am 22 years old. Dim gai I look like 80 years old"

Kwan hui, visibly feeling annoyed, exclaimed:

"Siew Hong,lets not wait for them.Lets move faster,they very slow la,we reach faster then you can rest more and I can take more pictures.Lets go haha!"
Kanki said…
za dou,

i want to include this into my blog, u wrote very well wa ha ha.
marcusfootk said…
whrere is the 'saya bukan mau pergi jual ikan. saya nak pergi pa san'???should include this into ur blog too....

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