Animal farm, and the bridge view

Coming down from Mount Kinabalu, and let our mind and body rest for a day in which we spent touring around University of Sabah, a "Hancock" movie and dinner in One Borneo Hypermall. Not really nursing ourselves from the muscle aches by this way, i guess. Still can remember archer86's reaction when we wanted to take a stroll here and there. (You guys go lah, i stay here wait for you all)


Oh, Marcus and ML was coming back from Seremban on this day. WJS could put down a big burden as the caretaker. Been cracking his head, oh where to bring them to.

It was Saturday, and cars for rent were not available as all were booked. This leaded WJS to beg for a junior to lend us the car. Until today, both WJS and Marcus have to treat that junior to Sushi King... Really sorry and I will try to repay my debt to you guys when you come to Singapore or Seremban next time.

And so, we followed the great tour guide Mun Yung to the Crocodile farm somewhere near the outskirt of Kota Kinabalu. Nothing special about the farm. Crocodiles, fishes, birds.


Everyone was enjoying the feeding of ostriches. Put the grains on your palm, and let the beak of the ostriches entertain you! See the happy face of the ostrich?

Head of an Ostrich

Moving on, the a bridge where we can view the beautiful river and Mount Kinabalu in the distance. Just found out that this place is called Mengkabong Water Village, in Tuaran, about half an hour from Kota Kinabalu.

Reflection of Dusk Light

After viewing the dusk scenes, we had local meal in local restaurant, along with Coconut Pudding we bought on our way to the restaurant. Didn't get to taste the Roast Coconut and Shells which Marcus had been mentioning when he was in KK.


marcusfootk said…
nice photo shoot.I like the one by the river side and also the ostrich.
Hope u can polish up ur skill when u follow ai lin fot the photo shoot session
Kanki said…
photo shoot session cancelled. =.=
Anonymous said…
Wah, I have never been to the zoo before although I passed by it for several hundred times already~

Mengkabong Water Village, also never heard before... haha~
Kanki said…
actually i didn't go down to the village although it seems interesting.

have to go and really explore sabah in future...

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