The Pang Sisters

Turn back, and Smile

It was a very busy Sunday, just one day after my 23rd birthday.

Morning - Chinese Garden with the 3 sisters.
Afternoon - Zhou's Kitchen with the EVOLVE committees, yes thanks for the cake and surprise celebration!
Night - Buddhist Society's main committee photo-shoot (studio-style)

Focus on the 3 sisters first. Thanks to them I got to satisfy a bit of hunger for a casual photoshoot session.

Transparent Umbrella

Ai Lin - My long time friend since Bukit Mewah's time. Let's count the years, 8 years already? Famous for her friendly attitude to everyone and currently making a living by design. My favourite fashion adviser, I trust her taste! To make myself look better, 靠晒你!

Ai Wei - The eldest sister of AiLin. Didn't know much about her and last time I couldn't always recognize her because she seemed to always change her style and look, like the Chinese "變臉" show! Another adviser of me in general stuffs when I retouch photos, or post process or website. Nice to chat to in MSN ha ha.


Jun - The youngest of the siblings, and perhaps the smartest and most introvert(as compared to the elder 2)(內涵派). My junior in Bukit Mewah but didn't really know much about her. Now she can converse fluently in Japanese like a native speaker and dress like a Japanese too!

Spot the common point in the above 3 pictures and you will find that, the transparent umbrella was the "PROP of THE DAY".

Although Chinese Garden is too fake like any other Singapore monuments, but we like some of the places. The tea house for example, and where we shot the above 3 pictures. I like the trees and the shades.

Met up with them for 2 days berturut-turut and Ai Lin kept treating me... until I felt very bad. Luckily 3 of them were so understanding. Poor student who doesn't have fixed income yet, please forgive me! I paid back by trying my best to make the photos look good!


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