An Assignment: NTU Buddhist Society

Continue to the hectic Sunday's log.

Went unprepared to the Student Activities' Center, armed with minimum knowledge of studio lighting and my 400D + 50mm f/1.8 lens, I felt really directionless. Luckily hours before I asked Ming Wei along, and how delighted to hear the positive answer! Without his help I wouldn't know how to set up the lighting even I had 2 spotlights!

Smart Ming Wei, out of desperateness for a diffuser, and reflector, got a big white poster from Student Union room, oh with this the lighting looks so much softer on the face!

We actually wasted a lot of time due to the lack of experience. The group of Buddhists had to wait patiently beside and one by one came forward to be shot. Luckily they were not just a bunch of boring people, they would entertain themselves by doing their own shots too, while I was shooting.

People who do not know about photography and white balance, sure will be amazed by why the orangey warm halogen light will finally become the more 'natural' light as seen below!

Above photos were taken by Ming Wei with his Nikon D40 and a manual 50mm f/1.4. Hope to have one such good sharp lens too!

My favourite shots, actually are the group shots...

Here's the full set with the Guest Pass:
NTU Buddhist Main Comms


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