Happy Hiking Sundays

I think I am kind of addicted to Hiking, or maybe Bukit Timah did impress me for the first 3 visits with new findings each time. I did not blog about those as I do not have many photos that I think are nice to share out.

Fairytale-kind of light

A good weekend trip to go with friends I would say. Not to worry about timing! As long as there is no rain, we can go anytime without worrying much about sun and heat. It's so shady and cool inside the forest! With that soft light penetrating through the canopy of trees, dancing sometimes to the wind.

Mr Fish

Mr Fish, regretting over his decision not to bring along anything (his Lumix LX5) except his iPhone.

Yanni ※ Erica

Miss Erica, forced herself to wake up in the early morning (well, 8am is not really that early) of Sunday, sacrificing the sleep.

Yanni ※ me

And finally my beloved, who is always there for me!

More to update in future!


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