Happy Hiking Sundays: KTM Railway

Childhood Memory

It is like the curiousity of children, towards the little little things around the world. This is perhaps the greatest lesson taught by photography, which is to remind me of the beauty of curiousity, that makes me go and explore the world around me, and also treasure every possible opportunity to grasp what would be lost to the flow of time.

The previous hiking to add into my Sunday's hiking series, is to the KTM railways, the last day of the track being opened to public. I thought about going for a short walk at first, hence the flip-flops and camera. However, in the end, we ended up in Bukit Timah, following the track all the way from Bukit Panjang. The weather was perfect for a walk like this.


There are actually quite a number of nostalgic ones among the folks residing in Singapore. This became evident as crowds were seen along the KTM track.

Haunted by Visitors

People were taking pictures of the track, which will be removed in 6 months' time. Kinda sad, but this is the cost that comes with development.

Soon, I will miss the colour of the rusty railway track that ran like the spine of the island.

Holding Ring


The scenes from the childhood memories: chasing after red dragonflies, yellow butterflies were so vivid along the track...

KTM Slideshow

Fading memory

I don't know how the corridor will look like after the tracks are removed, but aren't we glad that at least this trail of greenery is to be retained? Thanks to the Green Corridor.


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