The First Sunrise in 2017, Broga Hill


Meaningful way to celebrate the first morning of 2017? A hike to see the first sunrise with loved one!

I have been wanting to visit Broga hill since years ago but couldn't be determined enough. With the recent rainy season it even seemed more unlikely that on this day we would be able to visit this wonderful place. Thankfully, the first morning of 2017 had been kind to us. We woke up to the 5am alarm reluctantly after yesterday night's simple countdown. However, we invited Zhen along and we should not just tell her that we wanted to sleep more as she had probably awake and ready. In a way, she was the determining factor that we went through with this hike too!

Luckily, Seremban is near Broga, only about 45 minutes and we were at the hill entrance. Well, we were greeted by someone charging us RM3 for parking at their premise, and RM1 each for using their toilet. When we thought RM3 is already expensive enough, we were slapped with another entrance fee of RM1 per person when we were about to start the hike. Well, I guess, maybe it's a private premise that the hikers are at their mercy because it is still very cheap compared to many other places.

Broga Hilltop

Turned out, we were not that late to the hilltop after all. The hike was only about 30 minutes, and it felt like it was really short because when we reached the hill top, the air was still cool and the sky was still dark.

With all the new year crowd, we quickly settled onto a sub-optimal spot that could get a good view of the valley below, before moving onto the second and third peaks.

B above the world

Well I guess the boulder these 2 guys were on was the best, too bad they were not moving away.

Enjoying the first light of 2017

And moving to 2nd viewpoint which offered amazing view of the first viewpoint.

Broga sunrise

The group of hikers, yeah with all the bad gears.

Little Girl came along

My Turn

The entrance is quite confusing, so I guess it's helpful to put down the exact location here:

As of new year day of 2017, the fees are as below:
Entrance to Broga: RM 1
Parking: RM 3
Toilet Access: RM 1

Be there early, bring torch light, and get a good spot and wait for the beautiful sunrise.
After the hike, go to the nearby Broga New Village for breakfast as the food there was really good!


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