Tanah Aina: Farrah Soraya

Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya

After such long hiccup, with so many bad things happened in 2016, I guess I should continue this good habit of documenting my travel and experience, so that I can look back in future easily.

Do you even call it a retreat if it's not somewhere without cellphone coverage? Maybe others call it the digital detox. After some conflicting GPS coordinates given by different apps, we finally found the premise! We parked our car at the Tanah Aina's designated car park, and a pick-up truck appeared and ready to get us all on-board, for a 5 minutes bumpy hilly ride into the Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya.

Inside pickup truck

The same old group of friends:


Good thing about this place is, they serve vegetable and herbs made from the produces planted inside the premise! I got to learn about what's Ulam Raja (also the name of the suite we stayed in) which was served every meal there. Best thing is, the dining place is right beside the river!

The Leap of Faith swimming hole is only a short hike from our base, but the 15 minutes journey is full of fun: trekking across river in waist deep water, climbing up and down the hills with the wet boots, and then finally, a swim towards the Leap of faith with water as deep as 6 feet. Of course, during the hike, we totally trusted the little "waterproof" sports bag that is supposed to protect things inside from the water. Too bad, we got two phones damaged by water without knowing that there was a leak in the bottom of the bag.

Lesson learnt: never bring phones and cameras without waterproof.

Friends with vests

Getting familiar with Yintse's new toy, the shiny GoPro Hero 5 Black.

Super wide GoPro

And sometimes it's fun to take video, especially the super-wide kinda angle:

Only moving pics can show how awesome here

Time to practice some Dolphin pose, on a slab of stone in the middle of the stream!

Having fun as Dolphin

Night falls. We felt like it was raining for the whole night outside but it was actually the river. So soothing.

Flowing Water

And soon the dawn.


I am very happy with my experience here. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a place to chill and relax with a group of friends and family!

Direction: If my memory serves me right, go in at this Jalan Tras where this Durian Orchard is found. It's so well hidden it does not even appear correctly in Google Map!


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