Shooting our own Pre-Wedding: First Take

Although the DIY photoshoot is far from perfect, we enjoyed doing it and got excited and surprised at the outcome of some. The sense of achievement is not something that is easily obtained from engaging professional photographer or paying someone else to do it.

We have a lot to learn from our first. From the hair, make-up, preparation, style matching, postures, lighting to getting help from friends and family. This was when I felt that my family all came together to make this possible, tolerating my eccentricity and temper.

The favourite spot of mine near grandparents' house, the Permaisuri bridge, is of course in my list of locations. The good thing is, it is just 5 minutes' drive away.

Love the Natural Curls

Breaking the ice was not easy, we had tough time posing with each other.


Fresh Take

From the Heart

In the end, we were not satisfied with most of the pictures at the bridge, especially couple photos. We drove back feeling a bit fed up but decided we should try more, at the comfort of the house!

The Flower

The Reflection

The end result is kinda surprising, with this photo shot inside the living room of my grandparents' house, with my grandparents, mum and dad watching, while my aunt helped to press the shutter.


Second take of the day with the same dress and same suit, was in the evening of the same day. This time my sis and her boyfriend joined us and contributed to the style and poses. The flowers, freshly plucked from my grandma's little patch of decorative garden, also lift up the whole mood of the photos.

With our homegrown flowers

At the end of the day, I think this might be our favourite photo of DIY first take:

Kampung House

We would continue to shoot, and have more and more choices.


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