Happy Hiking Seoraksan (하나): Flying Dragon

the summer green

I think I seriously am lagging behind all the series of events that happened which I think I should blog. The memorable Korea travel with my Seremban buddies, all the reason I should blog about it.

Let's start off the Korea travelogue series with the place that I enjoyed the most in Korea, Seoraksan! And for my love of hiking in the nature!

Inside the embrace of Nature

The colour of the memories of Seoraksan is the emerald green, the colour of Summer, the colour of Zen. The lushness of the green in Seoraksan, is contrasting the meaning of mountain's name, which suggests Snow Mountain.

Prior to the hike:
The day started off with an early morning bus ride from Song-Seoul to Sokcho (속초). We actually passed by the mountain ranges of Seoraksan and the views were already impressive and scenic. Others were asleep and not really aware of surroundings. The stony river on my right and the surrounding temperature is going down as we went up slope. Another short bus ride from Sokcho bus terminal to bring us to Seorak-Dong C Jigu (East Seorak C station) Youth Hostel but it was already noon time. So we rushed our lunch and went up to the National Park that we expected highly of!

Street of Seorak Dong

Seoraksan Cable Car and Gwongeumseong

For the first day, not many surprises, the cable car to some height and hike to one of the peak. It is the most populated path I believe. Let's not forget the group picture.

Interesting Rocks

And it started to drizzle so we took out the ponchos that we bought at a bargain thanks to our Jeju taxi guide! Oh the yellow Poncho gang!

the Yellow Ponchos

and Effy was screaming on top of her maximum volume.

effy swallowing the world

And me, with the world beneath me.

me and the world beneath

Time is running out... We gotta rush rush rush to the next destination!!

Biryong (Flying Dragon) Waterfalls

The hike to the waterfalls is so far the most scenic in my life, and I am loving the Zen-ness of the forest and pathway!! It is like the scene of Kungfu movies in real life.

Forest of Zen

Marcus in the quest for the ultimate fat slashing grips of terror.

Marcus and the Zen Forest

The waterfall itself, is quite disappointing. It was a small dragon...

Biryong the flying dragon

We took some time to dip into the stream and had fun after some not-too-strenuous hike with MK nagging us behind for choosing the hike.

How we wished, we could just submerge ourselves into the icy cold water, to refresh ourselves in the cool forest.

best buddy and me


the girls

Oh did I mention, I was on a pair of flip-flop? Wrong decision, slippery, risky... The funny thing is FV who dressed up most properly tripped at the end of the hike and hurt both her knees and knocked her out from action the following day...


marcusfootk said…
Well described. Waiting for your next post.
Anonymous said…
Hey...I'm also from Seremban..
BTW..nice photos here... =)
Kanki said…
wow, thanks Melissa. you have a great blog there! seems can extract some info from there the next time when i am going to Cameron!

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