Shooting for a Blogshop, Wearhouse

Yellow Blouse § Wearhouse

First time shooting for a blogshop, there are, definitely a few learning points throughout the shoot which I would like to document down for future reference. Every shoot is a practice to better photography.

Coral § Wearhouse

Instead of going more of the artistic approach in taking the picture, it's more important to present the apparels in their accurate colours. Of course, the unique design of each apparel that potential buyers would like to see, such as the button, the lock, the sewing etc etc...

Before the shoot, the seller paid a lot of attention to match the accessories to different tone of the blouse, and also match with nice skirt or shorts. Even which blouse to go with which scene and background, such details had been taken care by the seller.

Green Heart § Wearhouse

It's painful to bring out the accurate colour in every screen. Different viewer with different monitors will view the colours differently... Especially difficult colour like the Teal, which shifts significantly following the shift in colour temperature!

Teal § Wearhouse

This might look like the actual teal that we want to reproduce on a warmer screen, or it will look bluish on colder monitor. In this monitor, it still look a bit blue instead of teal!

The Summer Resort Collection:

White § Wearhouse

Navy Blue § Wearhouse

Coral § Wearhouse

Yellow Blouse § Wearhouse

Green Heart § Wearhouse

Head down and place your order if you are interested!

The collection is launched today on their website:


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